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Location Data is Opening New Doors for Retailers: Here’s How


The customer decision journey is no longer linear, so the method for understanding and measuring it shouldn’t be either. Location-driven insights are constructing a new lens of customer engagement and acquisition, leading to innovation among retail brands.
In this session, Drew will reveal:

  1. How location data is reinventing the approach to understanding, delivering creativity to, and measuring the effectiveness of retail marketing. PlaceIQ will also reveal how brands are innovating by creating the "market areas" of the future, using these location-based audiences to craft more resonant media campaigns, and ensuring that marketing dollars aren't wasted on targeting inefficiencies.
  2. How retailers like Urban Outfitters and Shinola are putting location data into action, to better engage with customers and accurately attribute store visits to marketing spend.


  • Drew Breunig

    Drew Breunig leads business application efforts at PlaceIQ, mapping client needs and goals to PlaceIQ’s audience, data and analytics products. Drew aims to make advertising and customer intelligence more effective, insightful and manageable through the use of local intelligence. Drew joined PlaceIQ after spending the better part of a decade crafting brand and media strategies for advertising agencies and their clients, including HP, Glaxo Smith Klein, EA and Boost Mobile.