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The Executable Data Strategy


Harnessing data in today’s business environment can be complex and confusing. Organizations need a data strategy to guide them. The days of a monolithic, one-size-fits-all data strategy are long gone. Organizations must be nimble in their approaches, willing to accept challenges and failures, and adapt to the real-time pace of changing consumer behaviors, multiple marketing initiatives, and pressure to achieve operational efficiency amid ever growing volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Thus the need for an Executable Data Strategy that helps companies by breaking down data strategy into its component parts and enabling an agile approach to assembling the necessary requirements for using data with purpose.


  • John Lovett

    John Lovett serves as a Senior Partner of Web Analytics Demystified, Inc. John served as President of Digital Analytics Association until May 2014. He has over a decade of experience analyzing and evaluating web technologies. Since joining Web Analytics Demystified in December of 2009, John has declared his quest to become a change agent for web analytics by questioning the status quo of vendor measurement practices; challenging clients to fully develop their strategic vision for measurement; and driving the industry to collectively embark on advancement. Prior to joining Web Analytics Demystified, John was a Senior Analyst at Forrester research, where he conducted research on web analytics, testing and optimization technologies. John serves as a Director of Digital Analytics Association. He is widely recognized as an expert on measurement technologies. Currently, John is co-authoring a study on Social Marketing Analytics, where he introduces a new framework for measuring social media. He serves as a Director of Digital Analytics Association.