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How to Present Test Results that Inspire Action


As a Conversion Rate Optimizer, you are certainly familiar with everything it takes to get a test out the door. From setting up your tools and tags, to gaining stakeholder buy-in, and most importantly, determining how to act on test outcomes, you expertly balance art and science to make sure your testing program is successful. But how do you cram the life story of each test into a presentation to your product team—or even more challenging—to senior management? In this talk you’ll learn a different approach: the formula for tailoring a results-focused presentation to effectively communicate your message and inspire action from your audience. We’ll discuss culture-shifting techniques to enable your organization to embrace calculated risk, realize the importance of hypothesis driven experimentation, and demonstrate how testing brings you closer to your users.


  • Valerie Kroll

    Valerie Kroll, Optimization Director, Search Discovery
    Valerie is passionate about data, like really passionate about data, and leverages that enthusiasm to help stakeholders make smarter decisions and mitigate the inherent risk that comes with digital experimentation. As an Optimization Director at Search Discovery, she spends her days crafting evidence-based hypothesis libraries, utilizing advanced AI features in testing platforms, and creatively solving tough problems to ensure long-lasting business results. Prior to her current role, Valerie established and led the first Digital Analytics and Optimization programs at both UBS and the American Medical Association, and in 2014, her first year as a Digital Analyst, she was honored to be a finalist for the DAA “Rising Star” award. Always an active member of the digital analytics community, she currently serves as the President of the DAA Board of Directors and continues to provide new perspectives and insights on testing and optimization by frequently speaking on the digital analytics conference circuit and appearing on industry podcasts.