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Google Analytics How-Tos for Better Reporting and Bigger Insights

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As Google Analytics progresses in its evolution from a silo of Web data towards an integrated, user-centric platform, we can gain greater insights by taking advantage of the features that facilitate analysis of our users and audiences more holistically. In this webinar, we'll leap beyond default Google Analytics functionality to achieve richer and broader insights about the journeys of our users.

Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Implement Cross-Device tracking to report on conversions and cohorts across devices.
  2. Maintain traffic source tracking across multiple domains or subdomains.
  3. Map your Custom Segments to user constituencies for trend amplification.
  4. Populate Custom Dimensions through Google Tag Manager and configure Calculated Metrics.
  5. Set up session- and user-scope Custom Funnels in Google Analytics Premium for retroactive drop-off analysis and remarketing.
  6. Integrate Google Analytics and CRM for lead qualification and long-term value reporting.
We recommend that all participants have:
  • Edit access to a Google Analytics test property. (Or, if that's not possible, Read & Analyze access to a Google Analytics view.)
  • Access to a Google Tag Manager container. (The container does not have to be active on a website or in an app.)
CWA Professional Development Units: 1 PDU