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Turning Insights into Action


So now that you have the data, what do you do with it? This session will show how to drive change and action by taking insights—whether it's customer research, brand assessment or donor soundings—and translating results into successful programs and initiatives. The session will address how you can achieve measurable goals, such as audience expansion and financial sustainability, and understand how to remain relevant in a changing world, reach new demographics and sharpen communications.

Beginning with a brief review of trends in opinion research and leading to practical applications everyone can use, this session will take you from theory to practice to outcomes that align with institutional objectives: gaining buy-in from the top; streamlining research efforts; and offer practical applications to support strategy, audience engagement and program planning.


  • Jennifer GoodSmith

    Jennifer GoodSmith is a high-impact strategic growth driver with extensive executive level marketing experience directing fast paced nonprofit organizations focusing on healthcare, higher education and associations. As a strategic marketer, she has revitalized brands and implemented marketing and communications strategies that positioned organizations for significant growth. With a focus on data-driven outcomes, she has increased consumer demand and raised reputation and awareness through award-winning marketing campaigns and programs with notable ROI.