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MESA Strategic Initiatives Guidebooks

The relentless focus on operational improvement and corporate compliance has elevated the need for new and enhanced ways to drive more value from existing assets, and it's become increasing clear that a better, more systematic flow of information from the operation is key to enabling and accelerating those initiatives. MESA's intent is to help manufacturers successfully create justification for, implement and then measure the impact of a series of strategic corporate initiatives in this area. These Guidebooks consist of a holistic set of pragmatic guidance and best practices to both, educate key stakeholders and to identify & address key issues related to the successful implementation of these initiatives.

The seven (7) MESA Strategic Initiatives are the following:

  • Asset Performance Management (APM)
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Quality and Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time Enterprise
  • Manufacturing Performance Metrics
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
The major components of each of the Guidebooks include: Problem Definition, Cost Justification and ROI development, Project Critical Dependencies, Implementation Guidance, Risk Assessment and Success Criteria and Measurements.