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CR 1-604 Stuff Matters: The Language of Clutter (2-1)

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In this session we will explore the language of clutter, the emotional imprints we project onto our belongings, and the energy currents that travel through physical matter. We will learn what our spaces are telling us and how, as professional organizers, we can guide our clients to better understand their homes. During this presentation you will gain tools to connect with your clients on a deeper level, while introducing them to concepts of emotional imprints, home frequencies, clearing, conscious consumption, the power of affirmations, and sacred spaces. Through these concepts you will learn a new path to help your clients balance their belongings, and to help elevate the relationship with their homes and the people in it.


  • Explore the relationship between clutter and our emotions and how such emotions create a home frequency
  • Learn how to guide clients to a balanced relationship with their belongings by introducing them to the practices of clearing, conscious consumption, affirmations, and sacred spaces