OD1-109 Photo Organizing: The Art of Photo Management and Memory Preservation

Do you have clients with photos in drawers, in closets, on many electronic devices and in just about every corner of their home? Labeling the bins of all the photos could be one process, but these are your clients PHOTOS, MEMORIES and STORIES. Let’s help them get their physical and digital photos organized along with their memories and stories shared with their family and loved ones.
In this class, you will gain an understanding about how many photos your client is faced with in both the physical and digital formats. You will learn ways to sort and organize both physical and digital photos. And lastly, you will also gain photo product resources and additional media organizing knowledge that comes along with while sorting through the MOUNDS of photos.

Class Objectives:
• Learn about the abundance that your client faces with both physical and digital photos.
• Understand the importance of preserving precious memories.
• Receive a list of tools to use with photo organizing.
• Learn how to sort and organize both physical and digital photos.
• Understand the many sources available for photo organizing.