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CR 4-419 The Organizing Business: Scandal, Sabotage, Sanity, Success

Instructor: Dorothy Breininger 
Total time: 83 minutes
CEUs: 1.5
Conference Year: 2017

Course Description
Jail, weight gain, extreme care giving, divorce, death, financial ruin, homelessness, substance abuse, feeling like giving up - many members of NAPO have experienced at least one of these hardships. DorothyTheOrganizer has been touched by all of these experiences in her 20 year organizing career and has still managed to publish 7 books, produce and appear in an Emmy-nominated television show, create products and appear with them on PBS and QVC, become an international speaker, become an owner in three organizing companies, learn to trust in herself and others, lose 75 lbs, and find true love and peace. For anyone who wants to overcome difficulty currently or in the past in favor of a successful future, this is the session to attend. 

Learning Objectives
1. Discover how your NAPO participation can lead to business success.
2. Absorb inspiration to write your own books, create a television show or product for QVC, or appear on the talk show and speaking circuits.
3. Get honest with your own pitfalls and self sabotage to make way for your own unique success.
4. Clearly and confidentially walk away with new possibilities for your own business, life and NAPO.
Experience one organizer's 20-year career through scandal, sabotage, sanity and success in an entertaining, uplifting, engaging and personally revealing session. 

Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given during the presentation. The instructor will explicitly verbalize code words periodically throughout the class (i.e. "The first code word is...") Note: Not all instructors give code words. If you do not hear any, please indicate "none given" on the course evaluation.