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OD 4-427 Graduating Into Adulthood: Spring-board to Independence

Course Description
This 2 hour class will teach you how to set up a home which is not only functional but will also promote a smooth transition to independent adulthood. Improve your personal productivity methods by strengthening your skills in prioritization, goal setting, and time management. Learn to create and maintain a budget, set up a filing system and manage your paperwork (both paper and digital), schedule personal time, develop boundaries and plan ahead so that the home becomes a place of refuge in this busy world.

Learning objectives

1. The importance of having a daily routine and creating healthy habits.
2. The ability to prioritize tasks and manage a 'to-do' list.
3. The importance of having organizational systems that work for you.
4. The importance of maintaining the organization. 
5. Learn different methods to keep track of and file vital documents and passwords 
6. The importance of having a work budget - learn how to manage money to spend and to save. 
7. The importance of being able to sift through and discard (sell, recycle, donate) belongings. 
8. The importance of setting boundaries - both personal and work. 

Instructor: Diane Quintana
Total Time: 2 hours 
CEUs: 2.0

Code Words
Please be sure to listen for and record the code words given verbally by the instructor during this class. You will be required to list the code words in order to receive your certificate of completion.