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Strategies for Leading Your Company through NARI Accreditation

*Please note this webinar is not eligible for continuing education hours as it is a NARI programs informational session. 

Achieving accreditation to NARI's Accredited Remodeling Company program can seem like a daunting task, especially when you first review the comprehensive compliance elements of the Accreditation Standard. While many remodeling company owners are interested in pursuing NARI Accreditation to both improve their business operations and boost their business' credentials, they're often overwhelmed with the compliance process and unsure where to begin.

We want to help. In this webinar, Dan Taddei, NARI Director of Education and Certification, will demystify the elements of the NARI Accredited Remodeling Company Standard and help you understand how to guide your remodeling business through the compliance process.

Dan will cover:

  • What each compliance element means
  • Why it is important for a remodeling business to implement the management elements outlined in the Accreditation Standard
  • Tips on compliance with the Standard elements, along with helpful resources
  • General overview of what the Accreditation Board expects to see as they review your company‚Äôs accreditation assessment
We hope that, whether your company pursues NARI Accreditation or not, this webinar will assist you in building a better business with standardized and documented processes, which will allow you to spend more time where it matters most for the growth of your business.