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Strategies and Procedures for QuickBooks Desktop Power Users

Webinar Topics:
1. Labor, Burden, and Useful Time-Based Reports - (90 minutes)
2. Invoicing Tips, Techniques, and Solutions -  (90 minutes)
3. Advanced Reporting -  (90 minutes)

This series is aimed at current QuickBooks Desktop users who are familiar with standard QuickBooks practices but are looking to employ additional QuickBooks features or capabilities to increase its effectiveness as a management tool.

Contractors typically focus on two general elements of their accounting file: financials (for internal analysis and tax preparation) and job costing. This series will begin by examining the role of labor in sales and job costing, and offer solutions for getting fully burdened hourly labor costs (by employee, by job, and by task) into job cost reports. It will then move on to solutions for common invoicing frustrations for both fixed price and T&M/cost plus jobs. Included will be techniques for controlling what the customer sees on the invoice, and some clever tricks for automating markup on T&M invoices. Finally, techniques for customizing both standard and non-standard reports will be reviewed. Some attention also will be paid to the need to “get a complete set of plans before you start making sawdust.” In terms of reporting, this means identifying ahead of time what information will be useful to you, and then selecting and testing the best method of producing it.

NARI Member Price: $295
Non-member Price: $395

By purchasing this series, you will be granted access to all three webinar recordings.