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Virginia Certified Title Examiner - 219344

Virginia Certified Title Examiner Course

The Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) Course is a basic introduction to title examination in Virginia. Covering a broad base of Virginia laws and statutes related to title examination, processes, and basic underwriting, the course prepares a new examiner for training in the field and ensures that existing examiners have a comprehensive understanding of basic title examination. This course is appropriate for new title examiners, paralegals, attorneys, and title settlement agents. 

The VCTE Course was established in August 2012, to create a basic foundation and to provide structured education on the basic title examination principles, practices and standards for title examination education in Virginia. The goal was also to create meaningful education of title search and examination fundamentals in order to provide a platform for continuing education to ensure that certified title examiners remain current on industry and regulatory changes in Virginia.

Course Format
This course is delivered in eight (8) video units, each followed by a series of learning checks to ensure you have learned and retained the section content. The course is self-paced, meaning you can learn at your convenience, picking up where you left off any time of day, even on a new device, just by logging in. Your certification is complete when you have successfully passed the final exam, which will automatically load when you have completed Chapter Eight (8).

Virginia is home to over 400 Virginia Certified Title Examiners, whose commitment to excellence in industry education bridges the gap between agent and examiner. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate identifying your achievement. Your certificate will list your certification ID, a unique number valuable in reducing E&O insurance rates and more. Members in good standing who have passed the course will also be listed on VLTA's website as VCTEs, helping agents locate the best of the best when seeking your services.

Continuing Education
Virginia Certified Title Examiners are required to complete continuing education hours each biennium, ending in even-numbered years. Learn more about certification continuing education on VLTA's website.

Attorneys & Title Insurance Agents
This course has been approved for 16.0 hours of CE credits for title insurance agents. This course does NOT satisfy the requirements for title insurance licensing. If you are seeking a title insurance license, please visit our Title Insurance Pre-Licensing Course.

Course Time Limit:
VLTA highly recommends that you start the course within 30 days of purchase. Students have 120 days from the date of purchase to complete all the course components.

Julie Ann Rutledge, VCTE
Julie Ann Rutledge, a graduate of James Madison University, moved to Stafford County in 1989 and became manager of a title research company for a national title insurance underwriter. Julie has trained and mentored many title examiners over the years. A recognized expert in her field with over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial title research, Julie is often called upon to testify as an expert witness in real estate related court matters. Julie incorporated and became President of Land Title Research, Inc. in 1995 and later went on to become the owner of the company in 2007. Julie became a licensed Title Insurance Agent in 1992 and held this license until 2010, with experience as a Title Insurance Agent and in the Title Settlement process.

Julie served on the VLTA Title Examiner Certification Committee formed in 2011, serving and assisting in the creation of the Virginia Title Examiner Certification Course for the VLTA. Julie was selected by the Virginia Land Title Association (VLTA) to be the Instructor for the Virginia Certified Title Examiner (VCTE) Course which began in August of 2012. Julie worked diligently to create and developed the VLTA VCTE Certification Classroom Course and presented the classroom course around the Commonwealth of Virginia from August 2012 through December 2013. Julie then developed the VLTA VCTE Online Course which was launched In January 2014. Julie was awarded the VLTA Distinguished Service Award which was presented at the VLTA Convention in June 2014. Julie recently revised the New & Improved Virginia Certified Title Examiner Online Certification Course, which was launched In February 2016.

Julie Ann Rutledge was appointed to the Stafford County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) in 1992, serving through 2006 and was elected as Chairman of the Stafford County BZA for three years. She graduated from the Virginia Board of Zoning Appeals Certification Program conducted by VA Tech in 2000. After graduating, Julie was called upon to be an assistant instructor for the Virginia Board of Zoning Appeals Certification Program for three terms.

Julie has been a member and volunteer of the VLTA since 1996. She has served on the VLTA Examiner Magazine Editorial Board since 1997, serving as columnist of The Abstract View & Title Tips & Trivia for the Examiner. Julie served as the Editor-in-Chief for two years from 2012 through 2014. Julie was elected to the VLTA Board of Directors in June of 2015 and chosen to serve as the Director and Editor of the VLTA Examiner Magazine.

Reminder: Only the account holder can receive credit/certification for the courses completed. Employers cannot purchase courses for their employees from their personal account – the employee must create and/or login to their own account to purchase and complete this course. If you have any questions, please contact VLTA Project Manager, Suzanne Campbell at 800-564-8582 or by email at

For course specific questions, please contact the Instructor, Julie Ann Rutledge at