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How to Close Every End-of-Year Gift and Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

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November is always crunch time to make sure that you have the systems in place, with the right communications and outreach so that you can close all the gifts your worked so hard to put in place by that magical moment – December 31! During this time, there are many competing interests to juggle: Reaching our donors in between the upcoming holidays throughout November and December; Giving Tuesday; End-of-Year mail campaigns; Special Events; and the day-to-day tasks of running the organization. Laura has created the right structure for you to master your calendar and optimize the ideal times when you can reach your supporters. Communicating with supporters when THEY are in the right frame of mind to have those meaningful conversations will maximize your success to CLOSE all types of gifts. Bonus time – she will show you how you can use December as the perfect time to line up your visits and outreach in January and February so that you start 2023 off and running with new gifts in the new year.


  • Select the right mode of communications to reach each person. Keep in mind it may not be the way you have reached them previously.
  • Carefully craft the right words with the right tone that will motivate them to make a decision by the end-of-the year.
  • Learn the ideal week to contact each person as well as how to inspire your leadership, donors, and volunteers to help you during that week to close the gifts.
  • Couple your “closing conversation” with an invitation to meet with them early in the new either to steward the gift; receive the gift if the person could not commit; or to set up the enhanced larger gift in 2023.


  • Laura Fredricks, J.D.

    Laura Fredricks, JD, who as CEO and Founder of THE ASK© and an international consultant, trains, and coaches individuals, businesses, and nonprofits on How to ASK and GET exactly what you want. She is the first to combine the most trusted professions, law and philanthropy. “Laura’s 5 Laws on ASKing” have brought resounding sustainable monetary success worldwide. She has helped hundreds of global executives, industry trailblazers, marketing and communication leaders, boards, fundraisers, entrepreneurs, teenagers, artists, philanthropists, and everyday people get their Best Professional and Personal Life Possible, through THE ASK.

    Laura’s newest book, her 7th: “Hard Asks Made Easy: How to Get Exactly What You Want” (Advantage June 2023) is Amazon’s #1 Business Mentoring & Coaching.

    She was bestowed the Ralph E. Chamberlain Award for extraordinary leadership in the field of fundraising and lifetime of service to the profession and New York Nonprofit Network’s 50 Over 50 Award for excellence in Media and Philanthropy. Since 20025 Laura has been teaching “The Art of the Ask: Effective Communications and Negotiation Strategies” at New York University School of Professional Studies.

    Laura recently became a member of the Catskill 3500 Club having summited all 35 high peak mountains in the winter season. She also hikes in the Adirondacks and loves to kayak.

    Learn more about Laura:

November 2, 2022
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

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This live web event has ended.

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