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Family Forum: Open House

Welcome to AG Bell's Virtual Family Forum: Open House!

Getting back to school and into a new routine can be extra challenging for deaf or hard of hearing children. So that is why we are here! We want to help parents and caregivers learn how to best navigate the new school year. There will be 3 tracks with age-appropriate content. Each speaker session within the track will feature 30 minutes of speaker presentation, 15 minutes of Q&A, and a 15-minute break. A lively parent panel will follow the speaker presentations. Listen in as 3 parents discuss their experiences navigating school environments as their children grew.
Once you sign up, you will receive a zoom link for your selected track(s).

Communication Access: Automated AI captioning will be provided for all sessions. Requests for additional accessibility must be received by September 24, 2021.
Learn more on our event website!