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Around the Circuits in 80 Days: An Ethical Tour of Bankruptcy Courts (SERIES PAGE)


Bankruptcy is a unique area of law. This federal area of law is complicated by being entwined with both state and international issues, as well. This series has been developed to give you an idea of the breadth of the bankruptcy practice: learn a new area of law or take a deep-dive into concepts that you may not have yet encountered.

Add to this content bonanza a perspective from 12 circuits: each program is "hosted" by attorneys and judges who are both expert in a particular aspect of bankruptcy and have insights unique to their circuits.

The exploration is predominantly ethics-focused which has relevance for all practitioners! By completing all 11 of these online, on-demand courses, you have the possibilty of earning up to 11 CLE hours in most jurisdictions, 10 of which are ethics-related.

Whether you're a seasoned bankruptcy practitioner looking to expand your proficiency or an experienced legal hand looking to learn a new area of law, hop on board this educational train where each stop is another opportunity for increasing your competency and knowledge.

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Continental Bundle (11 programs @ 40% discount):
  • Members and Alumni: $198.00
  • Non-members: $297.00
Regional Bundle (6 programs @ 25% discount):
  • Members and Alumni: $135.00
  • Non-members: $202.50
Local Bundle (3 programs @ 15% discount):
  • Members and Alumni: $76.50
  • Non-members: $114.75
Per program:
  • Members and Alumni: $30
  • Non-members: $45

Each course in the series is valid for 1 hour of CLE credit in most jurisdictions. All eleven programs are eligible for 11 hours of CLE, 10 of which are ethics CLE. See more CLE information