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Leadership & Management Development Educational Resources

The Leadership and Management Development Community is the source of career advice, guidance, and support for every member of SLA. We are all leaders in unique ways. Let LMD show you how!

LMD delivers value to members by focusing on the overall professional challenges not directly connected to subject matter. LMD is the forum where SLA members discuss career options, career planning, workplace dynamics and communication strategies. LMD is where you find out how to advance your ideas by constructing a business case, how networking actually works, how to deal with sticky work situations and much more.

Your subject division is where you go for specifics about resources, research, vendors, technology and the like. LMD is where you go to ask questions such as “what would be my best career investment in terms of continuing education?” or “how can I describe my skills in such a way as to appeal to employers in all sectors?” or “how do I get around perceptions related to my age?”.

LMD’s website discussions, webinars, and conference sessions are all about helping you to be the best you can be in your career – now and until you retire!