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Thursday, February 16
Bone Regeneration Around Ailing Dental Implants
Drs. Stephano Parma Benfenati, MD, DDS, MScD and Carlo Tinti, MD, DDS, MScD

Wednesday, April 26
Bone Augmentation Techniques
Craig Misch, DDS, MDS

May 9, 2017
Webinar-Beyond Periimplantitis: Where Do We go When an Implant has Failed?
Eli Machtei, DMD

Webinar-Current Knowledge in Alveolar Ridge Preservation
Ronald Jung, DMD, PhD

June 21
Webinar-Vertical Augmentation: Myth Versus Reality
Bach Le, DDS, MD

Webinar-Guided Implant Surgery and CAD/CAM Restorations: The Digital Work Flow for Scan Bodies, Abutments and Ceramic Restorations
James Stein, DMD

Achieving Predictable Esthetic Outcomes for Anterior Implants
Miguel Vidal, DMD, MS

Digitally Guided Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Procedures
Yong-Han Koo, DDS

September 27
Intra and Postoperative Complications in Sinus Floor Elevation Procedures
Claudio Stacchi, DDS, MSc

Ridge Expansion and Ridge Splitting Techniques for Implant Placement
Jerry Lin, DDS, DMSc

October 23, 2017
Marginal and Apical Peri-implantitis: Etiology, Risk Factors and Treatment Options
Tolga Tozum, DDS, PhD


Cement as a Risk Factor for Peri-implantitis?
Tomas Linkevicius, DDS, Dip Pros, PhD

Reconstruction of the Atrophic Maxilla with Zygomatic Implants
Drs. Thomas Balshi, DDS, PhD and Stephen Balshi, MBE

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